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CD by Daniel Bouliane

Daniel Boulianet is a composer of film music who is determined and very involved in his creations. Daniel wanted this album to be as close as possible to daily life, with its happy moments and its more dramatic moments. This is an essential CD for all world music aficionados, as well as those who are looking for heady music.

This album is also related to a film named Tagayet (which means "in the middle of nowhere"). Tagayet is a small recently built village around a new well bored in the middle of the Sahara desert in Niger. This project was carried out thanks to the efforts of Louise Dallaire, the executive producer of the film, and the support of other friends and collaborators. We intend to collect enough funds with the "Tagayet" products (book, CD and film) to be able to return over there to build another well.

An eight-year old Pulaar child can be heard on the last piece of the album.
A CD to be discovered!.

Lenght: 46 min. 22 sec.
Tagayet - Daniel Bouliane

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Onde-Spirale records
catalog ond0002

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Music Samples from "Tagayet"

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Track 01- Hi .. Low
Track 02- Hi .. Low
Track 03- Hi .. Low
Track 04- Hi .. Low
Track 05- Hi .. Low
Track 06- Hi .. Low
Track 07- Hi .. Low
Track 08- Hi .. Low
Track 09- Hi .. Low
Track 10- Hi .. Low

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