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Just for You
Genna "Dusk to Dawn" 2000

<<...Displaying a creative maturity far beyong her years and a sublime, angelic voice, Genna offers the kind of radiant, perfectly realized ambitious pop not often associated with a debut recording. Preferring to patiently invade her intricate pieces rather than force the issue, she simply captivates the listener with resourceful, lush arrangements, letting the drama unfold cautiously amongst the breathy, layered keyboards and hypnotic, trip-like flow. Dusk to Dawn initially recalls the sleeker territory of Sarah McLachlan but gradually pushes the sonic palette to explore a more expansive, progressive texture. The complex rythms, percussions and sitar of "My Game" and jagged, stellar strains of "Insomnia" are mysterious, dynamic and detailed- the ideal environment for Genna's voice to weave it's silken power...>>

Ottawa Express,
Ottawa, Ontario July 2000

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